A hard cider that is playful and brave, Bask carries the complexity of European ciders. The brand emulates the theme of celebration found in the year-round Basque festivities. Made to be sold in North America, it is a cider that opens the door to the traditional beverage. Bask makes you feel high-spirited and elated, just like the cider’s pouring technique. Bask entertains and celebrates the simplest aspects of life.

Year: 2022
Categories: Identity, Packaging, Web
Mentor: Jorge Montero
Photography: Marleah Flajnik
Motion: Kyle Switzer

The visual language draws from traditional Basque symbols such as the Laburu, an ancient symbol associated with the Basque country. Red, white, and green are the national colors, and yellow channels the cider and the warmth of the region.

Advertisement and photography were primary considerations when designing this identity. Bask aims to communicate optimism and a strong presence with every application, including stationery.

Photography communicates the brand’s brightness. The bottle and can labels use diecuts with organic shapes to inspire a sense of fluidity throughout the brand. Film photography was also a component of the brand’s appearance to add a sense of spontaneity and nostalgia.

A website was a vital element when creating the brand. It is an e-commerce site that provides information about the brand ans well as where to find the cider. Essentially, it intends to deliver Bask’s spirit at a glance, using images paired with the brand’s staple organic shapes.

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