Cognado is a project that presents different points of view about what it means to be Latinx. Through personal stories, Cognado aims to open the conversation about identity and Latinx heritage. We invited Latinx artists to discuss how their heritage has impacted their self-development, often intersecting topics such as beauty standards and self expression, or mental health, and machismo.

Year: 2022
Categories: Identity, Print, Web, Campaign
Creative Direction: Daniela Guevara
Producer: Alice Winter
Photography: Taylor Golda
DP: Cory Jerls
Editing: Lauren Helgason

The wordmark draws from handpainted signage in small businesses and ironwork typical at the gates of homes and establishments in Latin America. The cursive lettering helps bring a sense of home and intimacy to the project.

Despite being a social media campaign, Cognado's brand elements can be applied to a variety of applications, not just digital. Physical advertisements, a booklet with the transcribed interviews, and merchandise enrich the project's presence.

Because Cognado aims to reach a younger generation, its web design was essential. The website offers access to each interview video, a shop for the booklet and merchandise, and most importantly, education and resources on Latin America and representation.

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