Let Us Now Praise Famous Gullies

Let Us Now Praise Famous Gullies is a book by Paul S. Sutter about Providence Canyon National Park in Georgia. The national park's geographic components result from irresponsible farming practices in the 1800s. The design aims to present the history of Providence Canyon under a scientific and geographic lens.

Year: 2021
Categories: Publication, Digital
Mentor: Sohee Kwon

I visited the national park and incorporated scans of rocks from the place into my designs, and I used photographs from the FSA from the Library of Congress. The scanned rocks highlight the contrast between the land's past and present, as most FSA images portray lively fields with fertile soil.

Sepia tones inspired by the land's soil are a present element in the book. The FSA film imagery complements the warm shades of the reddish soil. The book intends to educate about the effects of irresponsible human activity on the environment.

The book has a mobile version to make the information accessible across platforms. It could be a complementary book for visitors to Providence Canyon to inform about the National Park's rich history.

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