Mohawk Renewal

A paper sample booklet that showcases Mohawk’s Renewal paper line. The booklet keeps in mind Mohawk’s values and draws inspiration from the company’s rich history. Elements revolve around nature and American landscapes. I used Farmers Security Administration photography from the Great Depression, when the company was founded, as a reminder to keep being hopeful, even during adversity. I believe there is hope for our environment, and we must change our habits in order to preserve it.

Year: 2021
Categories: Publication, Photography, Illustration
Mentor: Jorge Montero

The booklet is encased in a sleeve with round cutouts that frame a texture from a crop. The round image fragments work together to create the illusion of a complete image underneath. The pattern is then repeated on the images inside, which have a halftone effect., channeling the different stories that make up Mohawk Renewal.  

The sampler preserves the organic shapes paper naturally has, making sure to keep the raw materials used to create the paper at the forefront of the presentation. The booklet keeps a playful spirit. I ripped the paper, drew illustrations that would complement the colors of the fibers, and bound the pages creating patterns with hemp thread.

© Maria Sofia Motta. All rights reserved.