NatGeo 101 Inventions that Shaped the World

Exhibition and publication that feature the history and creation of pivotal inventions that shaped the way we interact with the world. It includes revolutionary inventions and those that blend into ordinary life. Both the telegraph and Velcro connect us, whether it is through language or physically. The project involved extensive research that defined the visual language and communication incorporated.

Year: 2021
Categories: Exhibition, Print, Web
Mentor: Fathi Bakkoush 

The visual components aim to find similarities and patterns between the telegraph and Velcro. Images of Velcro under a microscope and orderly telegraph wires create visually similar patterns, which are then framed by irregular shapes.

Parabole by ECAL Typefaces becomes a primary component of the identity of the exhibition. The folding letterforms reveal some of the counters and negative space, reminiscent of how the exhibition breaks down day-to-day objects.

Developing a digital presence for the exhibition was a priority. The website and social media work to educate the public outside of the exhibition, making it more accessible and attracting a wider variety of visitors.

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