PS 9 

During my internship at The Working Assembly, I had the opportunity to participate in the studio's Local Works program, which is aimed at supporting small, local, and emerging businesses in New York City. As part of this initiative, I contributed to a project that involved rebranding PS9's identity, a pre-K through 5 elementary school located in Manhattan's Community District 3. The goal was to highlight the school's core values of academic excellence and fostering a collaborative community of lifelong learners, and to create a new website that prioritizes accessibility.

Year: 2023
Categories: Identity, Illustration, Web
Team: Amanda Quon, Eda Bilgi, Junghoon Oh, Olivia Hunter, Ben Ross

As I created the illustrations that form a vital part of PS9's visual identity, I sought to capture the school's heritage by drawing inspiration from the space mosaic created by Vincent Cavallaro that resides in the building. The resulting space-themed illustrations serve to create a welcoming and engaging design that appeals to both students and families.

The website is a crucial aspect of PS9's brand, as it conveys the school's mission and values in a clear and approachable manner. I have been collaborating with the TWA's senior digital designer to create a design that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, while also working to organize the information that will be presented on the website.

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